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With experience and pragmatism we make your software project and product successful. We are the partner to live digitization.

Conception, realization and operation. We bring the experience to production instead of getting lost in the roadmap.

When one team is not enough for your project, you need a crew.
The Milecrew!

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Technology Driven Software Company

Milecrew - Roland Guelle und Felix Hassert

Simple and good software is not a matter of course. Endless technical possibilities, new frameworks every day and a shortage of skilled staff let you stray from the roadmap and no longer deliver results in milestones. Instead, the team gets lost in tooling and processes.

We are the experienced Crew for your software project. We help you to ensure that the digitization of projects and products does not end up on strategy slides or in backlogs, but in functioning software for the users.

Roland Guelle

Roland has been working professionally as a software, product & technology expert since 1996. As VP Technology / CTO he last successfully built up the international IT company Avenga with more than 4000 employees worldwide. Before that, he managed the software company Sevenval as CTO with 200 employees and sold it with his partners. Previously, he spent several years as a software developer for various other companies. His professional focus is not only on technical concepts and architectures but also on building and optimizing the software organization, methodologies and technologies. In the past, he has successfully implemented a wide variety of projects from startups to corporations, as well as developed SaaS and licensing products. Roland codes himself and speaks at conferences.

Roland leads the Milecrew as CEO & managing partner.

Roland Guelle at Roland Guelle at Roland Guelle at LinkedIn

Roland Guelle

Felix Hassert

Felix has more than 20 years of experience in software product development and cluster and cloud infrastructure operations. As Director Products and Hosting, he most recently led several agile teams and was responsible for the design, implementation and operation of SaaS and on-premise products in the area of high-security and high-traffic architectures. In the past, he has successfully managed open source solutions, SaaS platforms and "outsourced product development" projects for international customers. Felix is at home in any programming language, platform, cloud or on-premise and will find the right solution for your individual problem.

As CTO and partner, Felix leads the technology strategy & architectures of Milecrew.

Felix Hassert at Felix Hassert at Felix Hassert at LinkedIn

Felix Hassert

Sebastian Thielen

Sebastian Thielen

With more than 15 years of experience, Sebastian understands complex software technologies, product requirements and the need to work with teams to implement them. As Director Product Development he has led several agile teams developing own products as well as products for customers. Especially the organization of the teams in hybrid setups with service providers, near-shoring and customers as well as the engineering and product management is Sebastian's focus.

As COO, Sebastian leads the teams and organization for the implementation of the products at Milecrew's customers.

Sebastian Thielen at Sebastian Thielen at LinkedIn

Erwin Schliske

Erwin Schliske

Erwin has more than 15 years of experience in the design, implementation and management of data centers and cloud technologies. In doing so, he understands the challenges and requirements carefully plan infrastructure challenges and requirements for solutions that are always reliably and smoothly. Through Infrastructure as Code and the use of current technologies, he creates open and transparent communication with the customer. Quality and future viability are the focus when he and his teams work together with the developers and product management on projects.

As Director Data Center & Cloud, Erwin manages all developments of the cloud infrastructures our customers and projects.

Erwin Schliske at Erwin Schliske at LinkedIn

Roland and Felix

Our cooperation model

As partners at eye level, we are convinced that strength lies in teams and cooperation between people.

Technology and software by eye with a demand for quality and excellence with pragmatism and professionalism for the right result for your business:

  • Not talk, do
  • Delivering, instead of delaying
  • Solutions, instead of visions

We are the Crew
for your project.

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Milecrew at work


Creating benefits with software

Functioning software with fast benefits and short innovation cycles is our passion. Living agility instead of celebrating it.
We offer our experience in the entire lifecycle of software product development as services:



Doing the right things. With today's unlimited possibilities, that's one of the biggest challenges:

  • CTO as a Service + Team Crew
  • Status quo analysis, architecture review and roadmap conception
  • Individual solution finding with use of standard technologies


Product development is not just coding. It is a holistic concept and passion:

  • Development of technology and product concepts
  • Realization and implementation
  • Project management and responsibility


The crucial phase of your product is the operation, where it brings the features to its users and generates feedback:

  • Iterations with the product as further development
  • Monitoring and optimization
  • Rollout and operation

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